Travel Challenge 2017 trip 1: Hamburg

I sit here at just before 4pm in Hamburg sipping a cold beer thinking about what this year will hold for me. I have set myself the challenge of travelling to a new place each month on the basis that travel makes me happy, thus I must do more of it to be happier.

Hamburg is my first stop on this journey, picked purely by chance. The bar I’m in right now in the Sternschanze area was recommended to me by a girl who was sat next to me on the plane, wearing an amazing dress (hello Fredi) we had great conversations the whole flight and swapped numbers, which is a rare thing for me to do, so I’m taking it as a good sign for this whole adventure. Continue reading “Travel Challenge 2017 trip 1: Hamburg”

Articles that have inspired me lately

I love learning how other companies and people work and achieve success. Over the past few weeks I’ve found the articles listed below great to read.

Soundcloud appear really forward thinking and adaptive with their strategies and methods of internal communication and making people feel involved and part of the team. This article felt like Soundcloud was constantly measuring and adapting its ways of communicating to change and grow with the company and to make sure people felt involved and informed and changing to fit the team and dynamics as opposed to forcing pre-existing ways and procedures on people.

Aimee Bateman is a recruitment consultant who now has her own company Career Cake. I discovered her on Youtube a while ago and find she gives very useful career advice grounded in a wealth of experience. As it’s the New Year a lot of us set goals, but this short piece on successful goal setting goes into the details of breaking those goals down and understanding why you really want them. Continue reading “Articles that have inspired me lately”

2017 Travel challenge.

At the end of last year I decided to review my life, which sounds like a massive task, but really it’s sitting down and actively thinking about what you do which makes you happy or indeed unhappy, thinking about what you want to improve on and as a result doing more of what you love and less or working on actively changing or accepting what you don’t love.

There were no surprises when the activity that came top of my list was travelling. Whatever is happening with me whenever I travel or start to plan or even think about travelling I am in my calm, happy and inspired place, free of any stress and worries. I usually do three to four trips a year based on no real schedule other than want or visiting certain people. But in order to increase my happiness I felt it necessary to amp up the travelling frequency…

For 2017 I have decided to go on a trip a month. This is quite a commitment and more than anything the financial strain of these trips is a little worrying, but it will add to the challenge and teach me about looking for different kinds of trips and think of more economical and free activities that I can do. As I am a person really driven by reaching goals I decided to come up with a list of additional fun goals to achieve on these trips over the year. They are: Continue reading “2017 Travel challenge.”