Travel challenge trip 8: Ibiza

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

–  Eleanor Roosevelt

So Ibiza happened very quickly, we decided to go then a week and a half later we were there. I never thought I would visit, the original plan for August was to cycle to Paris, but circumstances changed and that trip had to be delayed.  Mid-August is peak holiday season and I was doubtful I would be able to find a suitable place to visit that wasn’t way out of my budget. After lots of searching for flights online I found some very cheap flights to Ibiza, as I have learned in my many years of travelling cheap flights usually equal mega expensive accommodation and this is very true for Ibiza. But by sheer coincidence I remembered my friend Paul owns a place out there in the Old Town, it was free on our dates and we secured some mates rates prices. Win.For this trip I travelled with my very good friend Hülya, and although we have taken trips in the UK and her home country of Turkey we have never travelled somewhere foreign together. We arrived fairly late and on getting to our accommodation took some beers to the roof terrace and watched the fireworks, everything working out accidentally perfectly.

On our first full day we had breakfast on the roof, took a stroll around Dalt Vila and took in the amazing views. This high town area of Ibiza is beautiful and very classy, not what you first think of when you mention Ibiza, but it’s a big island with many diverse regions. We had read lots about a hippy market held on Wednesdays in Es Canar, Punta Arabi. I had quite high expectations for this market, but after the hours to get there I found it very disappointing. I was expecting niche, artisan stalls, but it felt very expensive, over-exposed, mass produced and a tourist trap, but you have to try these things out.

Ibiza is a place to go large, EVERYTHING is expensive and as we were on quite a tight budget we couldn’t live it up loads, but instead took a little taster of everything. One of my favourite places we discovered was a  coffee, juice and cocktail place on carrer la conquista, no idea of the name, but it was run by a very energetic Italian guy who converted me to the wonders of iced coffee.

We only had time to go to one club when we were there and decided to visit Heart. This club was super fun with lots of performance art and electronic music. We had heard the drinks prices in clubs were crazy so instead opted to pre-drink in our appartment.

Beaches-wise we visited Figueretas  and  Talamanca, for the latter you need to take a ferry from the port which costs four euros and goes every half an hour, be warned if it is busy you may have to wait for the next one. Figueretas is better connected, a nicer beach with a good vibe and had more restaurants and shops around.

Before this trip alot of my friends said Ibiza wasn’t a place to go unless you have a lot of disposable cash with you. To an extend I agree with this, but it can be done. My travel philosophy has always been to see as much as you can the best way you can. Sometimes these are fancy, sometimes they are basic, Ibiza was a charming mix of both.

Next stop: Milan and Florence

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