What do you do after achieving a big goal

I battle with a constant need to quantify every aspect of my life in order to convince myself I am a success and doing well. Hence why goal-based challenges with deadlines tend to motivate me and drive my focus the most.  I am very aware that I possess this sometimes obsessive mentality and know what I need to do in my life in order to balance myself and feel calm – exercise, healthy eating and meditation. I fight a constant battle to not turn these good habits into toxic addictions which can easily tip over and make me burnout.

After achieving my travel challenge of last year I am currently feeling a slump and post-win blues. Last year was an amazing for me and I am questioning how I can match it and feel good about the coming year. Of course, if anyone asked me this question now I would say it is a case of having a good attitude, not being hard on yourself and to take a moment to let things settle. But who takes their own advice?! Instead, I am reading positive affirmations from The Rock and trying not to panic about having to write an essay I am not confident I have the ability to follow through with. And that was my trigger along with the misreading of a personal situation which has bought up issues that I thought I had  covered up resolved.

As I look at my Trello list with 14 new year goals and an additional 4 fitness specific goals I know I need to be thinking about my need for control and how to react when I feel out of control. Equally I need to start to address why I take on so much, put excessive pressure on myself and attempt to scale things realistically. Writing this post is cathartic in itself and relieving some of the tention I am feeling as I organise my thoughts, work through things and start to make sense of everything. Continue reading “What do you do after achieving a big goal”

Travel challenge trip 8: Ibiza

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

–  Eleanor Roosevelt

So Ibiza happened very quickly, we decided to go then a week and a half later we were there. I never thought I would visit, the original plan for August was to cycle to Paris, but circumstances changed and that trip had to be delayed.  Mid-August is peak holiday season and I was doubtful I would be able to find a suitable place to visit that wasn’t way out of my budget. After lots of searching for flights online I found some very cheap flights to Ibiza, as I have learned in my many years of travelling cheap flights usually equal mega expensive accommodation and this is very true for Ibiza. But by sheer coincidence I remembered my friend Paul owns a place out there in the Old Town, it was free on our dates and we secured some mates rates prices. Win. Continue reading “Travel challenge trip 8: Ibiza”