Articles that have inspired me lately: April edition

I have read so many interesting articles this month and wanted to share a few.

Even though this article is from 90’s it is a effective piece on the difference between leaders and managers. John Kotter starts with a problem common to many us that companies are over-managed and under-led,  stating that the two instead need to complement each other. This well structured argument containing short case studies illustrating the main points is not too academic or long, so you take onboard the key points without being lost in business speak. It’s a good read with these top tips on improving brain power and leadership skills.

We all know if you sit next to someone productive it will have a positive effect on you  and this article provides hard evidence to support this. The study looked at productivity, effectiveness and quality and found seating people together with opposite strengths was an effective strategy to improve productivity too. This all sounds great, but in the real world when often you are just trying to find a free space for someone to sit it is not always possible to take all of these factors into consideration.

As someone considering a job switch this short article was a useful read and has given me some perspective with moving forward effectively with this challenge. Read in parallel with this piece about pinpointing what exactly you don’t like about your job I found I had the insight to be more precise about the issues I was experiencing rather than a general abstract dislike of what I was currently doing. In the long run we all want a job where at least on some days we are eager to go to work and contribute something meaningful to the world and it’s great to read what gets people excited in their role and motivates them to get up in the morning.

A friend recently told me that I apologised too much and sent me a link to the things women say that weaken the power of their words. I’m not going to massively overanalyse these as there are many complex factors that influence how we are viewed alongside ingrained sexism in society, but I am more aware of the my language usage after reading this. Sadly though this story about male and female colleagues swapping email signatures illustrates there is still a long way to go.

Though we don’t like to admit weakness, none of us are perfect and identifying weaknesses and turning them into strengths is a good exercise, and this article provides a step by step guide for doing that.

I have always needed loads of sleep and have never been the kind of person who can sleep for five hours a night and lead a normal, functional life. In the past the wave of working culture has leaned towards working as much as possible with minimum sleep and eventually burning out. But the tide is changing and the current view is an adequate level of sleep improves productivity. The WEF support this stance and put together these tips on fixing lack of sleep the key seems to be consistency. I am certainly guilty of some of these sleep faux pas (binge sleeping on weekends) so am going to be more mindful of them in the future in order to improve my general wellbeing.

Well it looks like I actually read more than I thought this month!  I’m always looking for something interesting, useful and inspiring to read, so please let me know any recommendations you have.



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