Travel Challenge 2017 trip 1: Hamburg

I sit here at just before 4pm in Hamburg sipping a cold beer thinking about what this year will hold for me. I have set myself the challenge of travelling to a new place each month on the basis that travel makes me happy, thus I must do more of it to be happier.

Hamburg is my first stop on this journey, picked purely by chance. The bar I’m in right now in the Sternschanze area was recommended to me by a girl who was sat next to me on the plane, wearing an amazing dress (hello Fredi) we had great conversations the whole flight and swapped numbers, which is a rare thing for me to do, so I’m taking it as a good sign for this whole adventure.

I’m re-reading a book that I first read about 10 years ago, a book that gifted me my favourite author and was a catalyst for my love of Japan. I find myself reminiscing about what life was like for me when I first started reading this book, what has happened to me in between and what will come from this point forward. Travel gives me strength, experiences and stories and I’m excited to see what this year will hold, I am open and ready to embrace what may come.

Highlights of Hamburg

Otto’s Burger

Because I had to have a Hamburger in this city.

Kandie Shop

Café with sweets and vegan treats.

Elbe Tunnel

Tunnel under the river, as a feat of engineering it amazing, also makes for great photos.

Alster Park

Great green space for sunset strolls, people watching or reminiscing by the lake.

City views of St-Michaelis

Best views of the city.

Fish Market

Get there at 7am on a Sunday for rock bands, fischbrötchen, and a cheeky morning beer.

Botanical Gardens

If there is a botanical gardens, then I will visit, even in Winter, it’s a tradition I have when visiting new cities.


Hang out by this building in Hafen City taking in the atmosphere. Grab a glühwein and take a water taxi down the river.

Hamburg was a good opening city for my challenge, it’s a great sized city to explore in a few days and feel you have seen everything; it has great public transport links and has a very cool and relaxed vibe. I’ve learned a few things already about trip planning too; super early flights do not give you more time in a city if you are super tired. So one down, many more trips to go, this is going to be exciting…

Next stop: Marrakesh.

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