Articles that have inspired me lately

I love learning how other companies and people work and achieve success. Over the past few weeks I’ve found the articles listed below great to read.

Soundcloud appear really forward thinking and adaptive with their strategies and methods of internal communication and making people feel involved and part of the team. This article felt like Soundcloud was constantly measuring and adapting its ways of communicating to change and grow with the company and to make sure people felt involved and informed and changing to fit the team and dynamics as opposed to forcing pre-existing ways and procedures on people.

Aimee Bateman is a recruitment consultant who now has her own company Career Cake. I discovered her on Youtube a while ago and find she gives very useful career advice grounded in a wealth of experience. As it’s the New Year a lot of us set goals, but this short piece on successful goal setting goes into the details of breaking those goals down and understanding why you really want them.

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso was very hyped when it came out and lauded as one of those books you have to read. To be honest I found a lot of the book filler with the odd insight, but it was an easy read and a page turner. This article on dealing with things when they get tough recycles a lot of the ideas from the book, but provides a good summary and further tips. A salient point in the article is that rational, regular review of how you’re doing is a good habit to form.

I love all of the clickbait articles on these kind of sites, they have you saying in your head “yeah that’s so obvious and true” and they are an easy read to give you a little focus and we all want to achieving anything we want in life by reading a two minute article!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a massive Duolingo fan and the gamification app has accelerated my language-learning journey massively. Luis von Ahn is the creator of the app and this article gives a summary of his career in tech and how he developed the idea of duolingo. He’s also given a couple of great Ted talks both in English and Spanish.

We all need grounding and perspective especially in these times of ‘Instaperfect’ lives. I really enjoyed reading this piece on not needing to be a superwomen to succeed it provides good advice to everyone reading, not just those in STEM. I really agree with the author when she says we need to show others that we are real people and have failures as well as successes and this is what helps create an inspiring role model.

I hope these have provided some insight and inspiration to you all.

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